30 years of the Internet

How the Internet has changed our lives in thirty years and how it will change them in the next thirty: stories of innovators who have used the Web to revolutionize our habits, the space we live in, our social lives and how we interact with culture, information and finance.
30 years of the Internet

IF 2016: the festival on the Internet's "plots" has ended

More than 200 events in the very centre of Pisa: speeches, workshops, storytelling, panels, seminars, presentations, screenings, comics, awards, and performances. Young and old, experts and newbies, onlookers and foreigners attended the festival in droves. During four intense days in a dedicated venue, the Registro welcomed a large audience discussing businesses and startups, including Startupitalia's Bootstrap, the Registro's business competition, and the launch of the new communication campaign. The CNR's Webtv gave daily coverage to the Internet Festival 2016, showing the multiplicity and variety of the events, focusing mainly on the Registro's events.
Scena digitale 2016


The Registry is ready for Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC). DNSSEC ensures the safety and reliability of the information provided by DNS systems (the protocol that makes navigation easier by using names, not numbers). Soon, on the specific test platform, it will be possible to try out the new DNS validation system for .it too. When the test is launched, all Registrars will be informed through their dedicated mailing list and through the Registry’s reserved-access portal.

The Internet? It’s all a question of names

The story of Italy’s domain names told for the first time in comic book style. Leo Ortolani and Federico Bertolucci have created their own very personal account of the Internet in conjunction with the CNR’s Istituto di Informatica e Telematica of Pisa and the .it Registry for the CNR Edizioni Comics&Science collection.

The second Quarter .it issue 2016 is out!

Inside, the four past months - with events and news, the new portal on the agri-food sector and the updated data of the Ludoteca Registro .it - as well as some previews on projects and future events. A rich issue, with two new sections: a “focus” on the new Registrars’ contract and “news from abroad” on the Net Neutrality and Centr (Council of European National Top-Level Domain Registries) contribution to this topic, on the sentences of the European Court of justice and on the last developments of the Iana Transition.

Digital Scene 2016

Once again this year we'll be in the front row at the Internet Festival: from 6 to 9 October, at the Lumiere in Pisa, we're waiting for you with a jam-packed programme of events (all free) dedicated to small and medium enterprises, to start-ups, to rights and the Internet and to the future of technology and data that awaits us. See the programme of events.

IF2016: the festival on the Internet (and surroundings) is back!

The Internet Festival is coming back in Pisa on 6-9 October, a four days’ marathon with an only theme: the “digital textiles”, metaphor of the virtual world and its rules, will provide a background during the kermesse with hubs, signals, and connections that influence and mix themselves with the social “textile”, the economy and information. As every year, the Italian Registry will be in the front line, in addition to the promotion of the festival and the presence within the Executive Committee, with important events as .itCup, the business competition of the Registro .it, and "Bootstrap", organised by Startupitalia and Registro .it.


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