.itCup 2016: 10 startups in the finals

IoT, travel, open innovation and bots are just a few of the areas where the startups that have made the finals are working: a truly diverse group of companies on the hunt for investment and visibility, with the dream of flying to San Francisco to participate in Mind The Bridge's Startup School (prize offered by Fondazione Denoth).

Academy 2016 - Digital marketing

Digital channel strategy, test writing, Facebook use for business and measuring results. These are the things that Annamaria Anelli, Miriam Bertoli, Gianluca Diegoli, Enrico Marchetto and Alessio Semoli talked to us about with great professionalism, passion and joy during the Digital Marketing course that ended this past 24 June. See us at Academy 2017 the video!
Corso Digital Marketing 2016

Italian Internet Day 2016

On 29 April 2016 the “Italian” Internet celebrated its thirty years old: the backstage, the most important images and e the main characters in a short video produced by the Registro .it

.it Quarter n.1

A very rich new Quarter the first 2016 edition. Many news and events: among them a detailed report of the Italian Internet Day. Furthermore: the new Registrar contract, "Ludoteca Registro .it” numbers and mini-marketing course. And some small news about Registry data

Domenico Laforenza: the beginning and his role as Head of Registro .it

30 April 2016 - Celebrating the anniversary of the first Italian connection to the United States thirty years ago, Domenico Laforenza goes over his personal history, his very beginning, his experience within Cnr, till his role of Director of the Institute for Informatics and Telematics and Head of Registro .it
Domenico Laforenza

Italian Internet Day

On 29 April 2016 the “Italian” Internet celebrated its thirty years old: our country, through the Istitute Cnuce of the Italian National Research Country (CNR), connected, for the first time (exactly on 30 April 1986), with the United States thirty years ago. On the occasion of this celebration, last 29 April, in the CNR campus of Pisa, a unique event was held, in the presence of pioneers (who materially connected Italy with the other part of the world), new leading figures of the Internet of the future and many other protagonists of the Net.
Sala macchine

Let me tell you #ilmioprimointernet

30 April 1986 - An important birthday as that of the first Italian connection to the worldwide Net, in the days of social networks, must also be celebrated with a hastag. For this reason #ilmioprimointernet was born and, through it, it will be possible to tell memories and collect any comments about an event that has highlighted the history (all Italian!) that connected our country with the rest of the world

Prime Minister Matteo Renzi at the Italian Internet Day

29 April is the Italian Internet Day, in which we celebrate the Net: Italy connected (through the CNUCE-CNR - National University Centre of Electronic Calculation of Pisa) to the United States via Internet thirty years ago (30 April 1986). The Premier, for the occasion, will be present at the CNR (Italian National Research Council) Research Campus of Pisa to celebrate the thirthy “virtual” candles with the protagonists of yesterday and today. In this anniversary, researchers and scientists of the historical begininning of the first connection between Italy and Arpanet (Advanced Research Projects Agency NETwork) will be present. With them, today’s researchers and scientists,of the new streets of the Net and of the Internet of the future.


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