Prime Minister Matteo Renzi at the Italian Internet Day

29 April is the Italian Internet Day, in which we celebrate the Net: Italy connected (through the CNUCE-CNR - National University Centre of Electronic Calculation of Pisa) to the United States via Internet thirty years ago (30 April 1986). The Premier, for the occasion, will be present at the CNR (Italian National Research Council) Research Campus of Pisa to celebrate the thirthy “virtual” candles with the protagonists of yesterday and today. In this anniversary, researchers and scientists of the historical begininning of the first connection between Italy and Arpanet (Advanced Research Projects Agency NETwork) will be present. With them, today’s researchers and scientists,of the new streets of the Net and of the Internet of the future.

Italian internet is 30 years old

On 30 April 1986 the CNUCE (National University Centre of Electronic Calculation) of the CNR of Pisa connected to the United States via internet, marking an important moment for our country. Bob Khan, after having experimented with TCP/IP protocol in the various American organizations already connected via Arpanet, decided to extend its application to European research institutes as well. In Italy, CNUCE was selected because of its researchers’ pioneering role in networking and for its international visibility.
1986: diagram of satellite link between Pisa and the USA

Deep web

Domenico Laforenza was interviewed by RaiUno’s “Caffè”. He explained that “95 percent of the Web is hidden” and only 4-5% is “the part that we can see and find through search engines”.

What is a domain name?

Where can you register it? And what is the DNS? And yet, what is the "Country code top level domain (ccTLD)"? You can find a precise and simple answer, to these and other questions, in this edition of "Ask CNR your doubt", dedicated to the world of the Internet names, in general, and to the .it ccTLD.
domain names

Suspended Truths (online)

Giovanni Boccia Artieri studies the social and cultural transformations of the “social network society” and of participatory cultures. At Internet Festival 2015, we met with him at an event called “Verità sospese” (Suspended Truths). From hoaxes to half-concealed truths, the information that circulates on the Internet is ever-changing. It is the participatory control of the Net that allows us to dismantle false truths, to correct them and to fill in the missing information. News, legends, truths and common sense suspended in a continuous social dialogue.
Giovanni Boccia Artieri

Digital Scene

It was a big hit, as all the images testify: “Digital Scene”, the Registry’s space at Internet Festival 2015, where we hosted events dedicated to marketing, to copyright and the Net, to productive relationships between small, medium and large companies, to trade associations, start-ups, creative professionals and to the use of the Net as a space for children to play and to learn.
IF 2015 Digital Scene

.itCup 2015

Training, selection, jury, prizes and winners: here’s the adventure of the fourth edition of the .itCup,’s competition dedicated to startups.
Tutto su .itCup 2015

Small-World Networks (Internet, Ingredients and Recipes): Interview with Marco Malvaldi

Oil, chilli, butter, saffron, eggs, flour, onions and so many more: these are the “hubs”, the culinary points of intersection, the few ingredients necessary for preparing innumerable recipes. The ingredients are really nodes that connect to recipes that already exist throughout the world and make it possible to develop new ones, which are actually interconnecting networks of data.
Marco Malvaldi


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