Digital Scene: Incontro con The Jackal

Discussion and video screening with the creators of ‘Gli effetti di Gomorra sulla gente.’ Moderator: Boris Sollazzo. Friday, 9 October 2015, 9:00pm, Teatro Lux – Piazza S. Caterina, 6 – Pisa

Digital Scene: listening to the community and sharing your story online

Who cares what they say, as long as they’re talking about you? The old adage seems to have lost its validity for good with the advent of the Internet and social networking. Four experts in the field – professionals, analysts and creative talents – share their point of view on the community as played out on the stage of the Web. With Daniele Chieffi, Matteo Flora, The Jackal and Mirko Lalli. Friday, 9 October 2015, 3:30pm, Teatro Lux – Piazza S. Caterina, 6 – Pisa

Registro .it’s .itCup: the finals

The fourth edition for the .itCup,’s start-up competition. Three very special judges will share their own stories of innovation, and five finalists will take the stage and make their pitches to command the judges’ attention and win prizes. Friday, 9 October 2015, 10:30am, Teatro Lux – Piazza S. Caterina, 6 – Pisa
Logo .itCup

Digital Scene: Interview with Giovanni Gulino

Ernesto Assante (L’Espresso) interviews Giovanni Gulino, founder of the crowdfunding platform Musicraiser and leader of the band Marta sui Tubi. Saturday, 10 October 2015, 6:30pm, Teatro Lux – Piazza S. Caterina, 6 – Pisa.

Digital Scene: Interview with Dino Amenduni and Marco Damilano

Marco Damilano, journalist for Espresso and part of the team for Gazebo (RAI3), author of “la Repubblica del Selfie,” talks with Dino Amenduni, new media manager and political consultant at Proforma. How has the Internet and social networking changed politics and communication with citizens?
Marco Damilano

Internet Festival 2015

Internet Festival is back from 8 to 11 October; the title for the 2015 edition is “Space for the Digital Revolution.” “Digital Scene” is the space where has organised 4 days of events on marketing; the Web and copyright law; productive relationships between small, medium and large companies, trade associations, start-ups, creative professionals, young people and global digital citizens; and recreational and educational uses of the web for children.
Internet Festival 2015 - logo

Digitaly: the early results are in

Digitaly is a campaign dedicated to familiarizing small- and medium-sized business to the digital world. CNA, Italy's national confederation of artisans, founded the project in cooperation with Amazon, Google, and the advertising agency Seat Pagine Gialle. More than 200 companies participated in the campaign's launch on 14 April in Ravenna. To date eight meetings have taken place in CNA regional headquarters in Marotta (Pesaro-Urbino province), Florence, Cremona, Rieti, Pistoia, Catania, Cagliari and Lucca. The CNA's statistics underscore the project's success: more than 800 businesses have participated in various events; 1,200 business-to-business meetings; more than 50 round table talks among businesses; and thousands of views of the website and its online educational resources. The next event is 9 September in Brescia. It's the first of 15 events already scheduled throughout the country, from Veneto to Sicily with many dates in central Italy. More information at
Rita Rossi e Chiara Spinelli a Digitaly Ravenna

The Ludoteca visits Sardinia

The "ludoteca" arrived in Sardinia fron 20-24 April, to partecipate in the event "Internet is a game", in collaboration with the Union of Montiferru Sinis Municipalities and the Libraries of the Montiferru Library System in the Province of Oristano, with the aim of promoting knowledgeable use of the Internet among the digital native generation. The "Ludoteca" offered games on the themes of the Net, using the Internetopoli app and seminars for adults on the topic "Internet: Networks and opportunities".

Centr Marketing Workshop

The .it Registry has organised the 16th Centr Marketing Workshop in Bari, 26-27 March 2015, with participation of about 30 European Registries. The rich meeting agenda included such themes as the growth of domain names, an analysis of the market and communication strategies, big data and different governance methods in relations with Registrars.


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