Centr Marketing Workshop

The .it Registry has organised the 16th Centr Marketing Workshop in Bari, 26-27 March 2015, with participation of about 30 European Registries. The rich meeting agenda included such themes as the growth of domain names, an analysis of the market and communication strategies, big data and different governance methods in relations with Registrars.

T-Tour at the #IF2015

Proposals were accepted until April for the Tutorial-Tours (T-Tours) at the 2015 Internet Festival, which will be held in Pisa from 8 to 11 October 2015 and wich will have as its key word #space: intended as a physical and virtual place including knowledge, investigation, sharing, identity, creativity and liberty. The T-Tours are the heart of the Internet Festival: an entirely dedicated area with meetings, workshops, seminars, shows and various types of performances, aimed at at communicating information linked directly or indirectly to the Net and the group of technologies included in digital communication and information.


Twelve photographers tell ten values of twelve successfull enterprises. Registro .it has selected twelve renowned .it realities of the international food sector: to describe them, twelve photographers of the Italian Institute of Photography have turned into images the values that drive them. The result is a photo that brings to Expo Milano 2015 the stories of those who work for a healtier and fairer food, in and out of the web.
a occhi aperti

Without a name it remains a dream

The site of the marketing campaign of is online ( The campaign is aimed at increasing awareness in the use of the Internet, with a special focus on micro, small and medium enterprises, which are the backbone of the Italian economy and that can substantially benefit from a valid use of the Internet.
un nome un sogno

.itCup 2015

A new edition of the competition organised by Registro .it, the Italian Internet domain Registrar. Applicants have until June 15th to present their own ICT enterprise idea and win the opportunity to participate to Mind The Bridge, the prestigious startup school in San Francisco.

Go ahead for the Digitaly project

Today sees the start of Digitaly, the project carried out by CNA, in collaboration with Amazon, Google, Registro .it and Seat Pagine Gialle, to bring small and medium-sized Italian enterprises into the digital age.

Big Data

This number called "Big Data - The future is smart," tells of the positive side of Big Data (and not about the "dark" side, concerning privacy violation and security risks). The data that citizens make available on the Web are the lifeblood of research and of a future, all smart!

Welcome Internetopoli!

Internetopoli was born! It’s the new application created by the .it “Ludoteca" of the Italian Registry (in cooperation with Giunti Os), for the pupils of the primary school and in order to help teachers and parents who want to educate “digital natives” to use the Internet consciously. The application (available for free at has also the aim to facilitate the interaction with the wide potentiality of the Web. The Police Headquarters of Genoa has adopted Internetopoli as learning system of the safe web surfing for the campaign “Una vita da social” (a sort of life surfing the Web, using social networks).

I forget online(?)

Everything changes. Even the world of the Internet. And memory changes (both collective and individual), being the protagonist of the hot topic “the right to be forgotten". What is really happening on the internet? And what is changing for future generations? What about freedom and the right to information? Many protagonists of the internet and exceptional guests such as the Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data, Antonello Soro, and Luciano Floridi, expert in the Philosophy and Ethics of information and one of the five members of the Google Consulting Committee for the “right to be forgotten”, will answer these questions.

A Portal for Registrars

Rain-Ng has new functions: it integrates Registry documents, news and training courses, and with a user management system that allows the Registrar to define new roles for access to the portal and differentiate among them both for information they can view and the operations they can perform, on the basis of specific defined groups. Information relative to .it names can now be exported by type. The search for domains inside invoices is also new, together with the management of credit card transactions.


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