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Challenging the assignment of a domain


The assignment of domain can be the subject of dispute between one or more entities who claim the right to it. The .it Registry does not take part in resolving the dispute, but provides its users with a specific tool: the challenge procedure. This "freezes" the allocation of the domain until the dispute has been resolved and allows those who have initiated the challenge to exercise a right of first refusal on any new assignment.

The procedures

Opening a challenge does not allow a domain already registered by another party to be automatically obtained, but gives access to two procedures - rather than going to court - for the resolution of the dispute: amicable composition and a reallocation procedure.
A challenge can be initiated by sending the Registry a written request with details of the sender, the domain name that is being challenged, the background, and the rights that are presumed as being impaired.
There are templates of forms (request and renewal) to help in making the request. 

English version (not to be sent):

The request must be sent only in the Italian version. The English version is available only for a better comprehension of the document.

The request must be sent by post or courier to:
Registro del ccTLD. It
Istituto di Informatica e Telematica - CNR
Via G. Moruzzi, 1
56124 Pisa (PI)
and can be sent in advance by fax at +39 050 315 3448 or e-mail (with a PDF attachment) to
The Registry examines the request, assesses eligibility and, within ten working days after the application, notifies the parties of the outcome.

The "challenged" status

The opposition is deemed to commence as soon as the Registry has put the domain into "challenged".
The challenge must be renewed, by registered mail, every 180 days, unless there is a court, arbitration or a reassignment procedure pending. The request for renewal may not be repeated more than twice. 






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