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The Registro .it, is the Registry of .it Internet domains. Dot it is the domain extension for Italy. Only here it is possible to request, change or delete one or more .it domains. 

In December 1987,  Iana (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) recognized the ccTLD.it, and entrusted its management to the Italian National Research Council given the technical and scientific expertise gained of its researchers, who had been among the first in Europe to adopt the IP protocol.

At the request of users, the Registry associates a name with the long and difficult-to-memorize numerical addresses needed to navigate on the web. 

The Registry, during the procedures of the domain name registration and maintenance, with the help of  the Registrars, requests the Registrant personal data. These data are recorded in a database, called DBAN or ‘Data Base dei Nomi Assegnati’ (Database of Assigned Names), where all the information related to the registered domain names are stored. The Registry makes always accessible the connection ‘domain name-registrant’s name’ trough the data base consulting system called “WHOIS”.

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