International Activities

The .it Registry plays a major role in the development policies of the domain name system, and it is actively involved with its delegates in the meetings of all the major international organizations:

  • ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) international organization, which deals with interoperability, stability and Internet security
  • CENTR (Council of European National Top Level Domain Registries) association that brings together the main European and international geographical registries.
  • RIPE (Reseaux di IP Européens) organization that allocates IP addresses in Europe

The Registry actively participates in meetings of these organizations in order to provide credibility to the structure itself and to cultivate the necessary harmonisation of the international Network through the involvement of all stakeholders: users, service providers (i.e. the private sector) and governments.

The various working groups associated with the meetings held all over the world are attended by technicians, managers of the Registry’s Units, including those who have been appointed directly by the Director to carry out this task, depending on their specific expertise.

 The International Relations Unit is the natural framework for planning and implementing all international activities that have a direct or indirect relationship with the .it Registry and, in particular, with the structure of the Domain Name System.


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