Title Categoria archivio Documento
Rules Committee Minute 28 (Italian version only) CIR Minutes Verbale-CR-21-5-2007.pdf
Rules Committee Minute 46 (Italian version only) CIR Minutes Verbale-CR-18-02-09.pdf
Rules Committee Minute 47 (Italian version only) CIR Minutes Verbale-CR-24-03-09.pdf
Rules Committee Minute excerpt n. 61 (Italian version only) CIR Minutes StralcioVerbale CR 16-12-2010.pdf
Change from Maintainer to Registrar with a simultaneous change in the registrant of a domain name following succession Forms change-from-maintainer-to-registrar-with-a-simultaneous-change-in-the-registrant-of-a-domain-name-following-succession.pdf
Change of Maintainer/Registrar for natural persons Forms change-from-maintainer-to-registrar-of-a-domain-name-assigned-to-a-natural-person.pdf
Rules Committee Minute 48 (Italian version only) CIR Minutes Verbale-CR-21-04-2009.pdf
Change of Registrant as a result of transformation, merger or name change Forms change-from-maintainer-to-registrar-with-a-simultaneous-change-in-the-registrant-of-a-domain-name-following-a-trasformation-merg
Rules Committee Minute 49 (Italian version only) CIR Minutes Verbale-CR-13-06-2009.pdf
Rules Committee Minute 50 (Italian version only) CIR Minutes Verbale CR-27-05-2009.pdf