Manage your .it

If you already have a .it domain name in this section you can find information about the editing operations you can perform.

Notice! In order to change a .it domain name it is necessary to have the authinfo code, which the Registrar gives to the Registrant at the time of registration.

You have to contact a Registrar for:

  • Change the Registrar, the Registrant, or both
  • Change the Registrant data
  • Cancel a domain name

Find Registrars

You have to contact Registro .it for:

  • Registration of a reserved domain name
  • Change of Registrant data
  • Opposition procedure
  • Access request for data and documents relating to the registration, maintenance and opposition of domain name
  • Registration of a domain name following a challenge and/or reassignment
  • Verification of subjective requirements that led, in due course, to the assignment

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Why do the DNS check

If you want to be sure that your .it domain is correctly configured in the servers hosting your website, so that the domain name is actually able to lead to the content, you can use the tools in the DNS Check section.

Check your DNS configuration


It is the code that uniquely identifies a domain (it must be communicated by the Registrar to the Registrant). The authinfo is essential to perform all operations on a domain.


How can I
recover the
Authinfo if
I lose it?

To recover the Authinfo, make a request directly to the Registrar. If the Registrar cannot be found or will not provide it, a Registrant can contact the Registry.


How does
Drop Time work?

Every day, the Registry automatically creates the lists containing the domain names that in the previous day were in pendingDelete/pendingDelete status; these lists, as soon as they are created, are published in the dedicated section of the website of the Registry Drop time.