Register your .it

In the last few decades, technological development has prompted a staggering acceleration to our way of life and the Internet has gained an increasingly central role, both in the private sphere and in the world of business.

The .it domain name is the most logical choice for Italians on the Web. Its strength lies in its identification with the Italian borders. The .it signature has the same potential as a brand, and it is a symbol of "made in Italy", a quality brand, recognized and admired all over the world, in every sector.

But what is a domain name? The domain is the name that uniquely identifies a person, company or any other type of organization on the Internet. Moreover, a .it domain is an all-Italian identity card, a unique personal document, without duplicates, which the Registro .it makes available to users.

The Registry is the register of .it domain names; however, it does not register directly new addresses on behalf of users. This service is offered by specific companies, which interact directly with the Registry (known as Registrars), to which citizens and businesses can apply for their own .it domain name.

The service offered by each Registrar is varied: it ranges from the simple registration of a domain name, to the creation of Web sites, Internet connectivity and other highly specialized services. In this way, those who decide to register a domain can count on the experience and expertise of professionals who help not only in the first steps, but also in developing and making best use of the domain.

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