Drop time

Drop time


The Drop Time process enables the cancellation of domain names at scheduled times. The .it domain names that are in pendingDelete/pendingDelete status, are definitively cancelled from the Database of the Registry according to the following Drop Time process:

  • at 01:00 AM CET/CEST of each day, the Registry automatically creates the lists containing the domain names that in the previous day were in pendingDelete/pendingDelete status;
  • these lists, as soon as they are created, are published in the dedicated section of the website of the Registry (http://www.nic.it/droptime). The above mentioned lists, in addition to the list of domain names, contain the date and exact time in which the domain names will be cancelled;
  • once cancelled, the domain names are immediately available online for free allocation.

Please note that, in order to register a domain name that has been subject to a cancellation in the previous 7 (seven) days, the Registrar will have to submit the Create Domain request to the server "epp-deleted.nic.it". 

Example of cancellation according to Drop Time process

Suppose to have 100 domain names that today have been put in pendingDelete/pendingDelete status:

  • these domain names, at 01:00 AM CET/CEST of tomorrow, will compose, for example, two lists of domain names in cancellation;
  • the two lists are published on the Website of the Registry immediately after their creation;
  • the domain names indicated in the first list are cancelled at 09:00 AM CET/CEST of the day after tomorrow;
  • the domain names indicated in the second list are cancelled at 04:00 PM CET/CEST of the day after tomorrow


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