What is an algorithm? We are surrounded by algorithms, but do we really know how they work?

Find out the importance of algorithms in this episode of "What a Digital World”, the web series of Registro .it about the challenges of the digital world affecting the society we live in.

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What is an algorithm? It is like a recipe: a sequence of instructions that allows us to achieve a specific objective, if put in the right order and starting from specific inputs.

The concept of algorithm dates back to ancient times, but its potential was only reached when it was combined with IT and automation. The first IT algorithm was created by the English mathematician Ada Lovelace in the first half of the Nineteenth century, to calculate Bernoulli’s numbers.

Since the time of Ada, things have changed, and now algorithms are also used for purposes other than Maths, such as looking for a hotel or a flight. Difficult operations that took a lot of time in past years.

The versatility of algorithms has more and more simplified our daily life, and gave us the chance to live in a world with self-driving cars, a world where we can find a huge amount of information in a blink of an eye and delegate repetitive or dangerous works to highly qualified machines.
Probably, algorithms might not be the answer to all our problems, but if we use them in the correct way, they will help us give a concrete expression to the ideas that will build our future.

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