Artificial Intelligence: how it works and why it is already part of our lives – What a Digital World (EP 4)

Discover the importance of artificial intelligence in this episode of "What a Digital World", the web series of Registro .it dedicated to the challenges of the digital world that change the society we live in.  

In each video we delve into a complex theme involving companies, professionals and citizens with the aim of explaining it in a simple, concise and even fun way.


What is artificial intelligence? It is the ability of a machine to interpret and learn from external data and use the acquired information in order to reach goals and solve problems.  

How does it work? The answer is by relying on ever more complex collections of algorithms that the machine is in some cases able to improve on its own by analysing the data acquired over time. Said process is known as machine learning.

Artificial intelligence is already influencing many aspects of our daily life in innovative, surprising ways, from domestic appliances to streaming platforms through extremely delicate tasks.  
It can replace human beings in high-risk situations, be used in healthcare settings so as to reach increasingly precise diagnoses and enable us to go to places we used to deem unreachable.  

Universities and research centres are developing AIs for ever more complex uses. However, the proliferation of artificial intelligences also brings about ethical, social and privacy-related reflections.

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