DIGITAL IDENTITY: what it is and why it is important for citizens and businesses

Learn more about the importance of Digital Identity in this episode of "What a Digital World", the web series of Registro .it dedicated to the challenges of the digital world that are changing the society in which we live.

In each video we tackle a complex topic that involves businesses, professionals and citizens, with the aim of explaining it in a simple, concise and fun way.


The Web is now an extension of the real world. But when real and virtual meet, what happens to our identity?

For example, if you are a company or a freelancer, to consolidate your online reputation social networks are not enough: it is essential to correctly use tools such as the website and email.

A website is like a house or a company building, and the domain name is the address you can be found at. The site is therefore the first tool from which to build a solid Internet presence. It is a personal space, managed entirely by you, without anyone else using it to be seen or heard.

The domain name of your site is not only to stand out, but defines the identity that you will build on the Web. Are your company's products Made in Italy? Choosing an extension other than .it could end up being a communicative blunder.

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