What does "internet of things" mean? Everyday objects are always more connected, but do we really know what this means?

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The first example of "Internet of things" dates back to the first 80s: a student, David Nichols, managed to remotely monitor a beverage machine of the University by connecting to the ARPANET network of his university (on which the World Wide Web has been developed).
It is the first step towards a world made up of devices, capable of constantly communicate with each other. 

When we talk about the Internet, we do not only refer to websites and streaming platforms, but we also refer to a complex network of devices: always more everyday objects are connected to each other and to us. Domotics is in our houses, and industrial productions have been automatised and remotely monitor. 
It has been estimated that, over a few years, in 2025, more than 21 billion devices will be connected to this "Internet of things". It is thus important to understand its effects and safety standards, which shall be detected before marketing products with these features. 

As of today, not all the connected devices adopt the same high safety standards used by computers and smartphones. This may entail some flows in the systems, giving space to diverse cyber attacks.

As technological innovation, the Internet of Things represents an extraordinary opportunity to widen our future horizons. Nevertheless, in order to enjoy all its positive aspects, we cannot underestimate the possible risks and dangers.

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