The Registry and the data publicity

The Registry, during the procedures of the domain name registration and maintenance, with the help of  the Registrars, requests the Registrant personal data.

These data are recorded in a database, called DBAN or ‘Data Base dei Nomi Assegnati’ (Database of Assigned Names), where all the information related to the registered domain names are stored. The Registry makes always accessible the connection ‘domain name-registrant’s name’ trough the data base consulting system called “WHOIS”.

The policy of the Registry .it on the data publicity follows the technical rules for the specific fields foreseen by the international bodies operating in Internet, according to the Italian and European Law about the personal data protection and the praxis adopted by other ccTLD.

Download the document ‘The ccTLD .it Registry Policy on the WHOIS database’ (PDF).

Document access

It is possible to check the documents related to the registration, maintenance and challenge of a specific domain .it. The documentation admittance is allowed to them who have a legally protected  interest related to the information requested. Whoever has specific interest in this operation must to send to the Registry an official request, on the base of the art. 5.2 of the rules for the "Assignment and Management of Domain Names in the ccTLD .it."



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