Becoming a Registrar

Becoming a Registrar

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To become a Registrar you need to sign a contract and the relative addendum with the .it Registry and take an accreditation test. This test assesses your technical competence in carrying out the operations under the Rules and the Synchronous Technical Guidelines. Once you've passed the test you can register and maintain .it domains in synchronous mode.

The steps are:

1. complete the contract using the online form.
Registrar Contract 2016-2019 - English translation of the contract is available for a better comprehension. Only the Italian version will be accepted.

2. complete the addendum using the online form.
Addendum to the Registrar Contract 2016-2019 - English translation of the addendum is available for a better comprehension. Only the Italian version will be accepted.

3.have the contract signed by the legal representative, date it, and send it to the Registry in two copies (on unheaded or headed paper).
The contract must be sent to the Registry:

via snail mail to:

Registro. it - Ufficio Amministrazione e Contratti
Istituto di Informatica e Telematica - CNR
Via Giuseppe Moruzzi, 1

Alternatively, it can be sent via certified email, where available, to the address, and, in this case, it must be digitally signed any time the signature is requested.

IIT's legal representative signs both copies. A countersigned copy will be returned to the sender.


  • Payment of a one-off initial 2,200 euros + VAT
  • Accreditation (payment of 300 euros + VAT)
  • Payment of initial "prepaid" fee required to start working: 4,000 euros + VAT (1000 transactions). For this payment, the Registry will invoice in advance.

Registrar fees

The Registry charges a Registrar 4 euros (plus VAT) for each of the following operations on .it domains:

  • Registration
  • Change of Registrar
  • Recovery from Redemption-period status
  • The cost of yearly renewal is 3.30 euros. The cost that is charged corresponds to the annual maintenance fee of the domain. 


If you wish to become a Registrar and be able to register and maintain .it domains you have to pass an accreditation test. This test entails performing specific operations, through your own client application, on the Registry's EPP server, and thus prove that you have the necessary technical skills to operate in synchronous mode.
To give you an idea of the test, the Registry provides a simulation platform on which you can test all the operations on domain names. A Registrar may also make use of technical helpdesk support and specific training courses organized by the Registry.

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