Digital strategies for the non-profit sector

“Piccole Medie Digitali”, Registro. it roadshow, arrives in Rome on June 6th and meets the third sector organizations. Discover the program

What a digital world!

"What a digital world" is the animated series of Registro .it focused on the digital challenges that are transforming our society. Digital transformation of companies, increasingly global markets, new technologies, future scenarios. Check out the first episodes

“Digitali per caso”: the journey has begun

Can a small business grow with digital? Of course, yes, and to prove it, Registro .it has traveled through Italy with Patrizio Roversi. Every two weeks a new episode, follow the series

Artificial intelligence in our future

Find out how artificial intelligence works and how they are preparing to revolutionize our habits. Watch the new episode ok "What a digital World"

Pineta Hotels - ep.6

Can a family-run hotel in the mountains, high-altitude sports and relaxation in uncontaminated nature... become a digital experience? Let’s discover this together with Patrizio Roversi in this episode of Digital by Chance!

Why is digital identity important?

Find out in the 1st episode of “What a Digital World” the new series of Registro .it dedicated to the challenges of the digital world

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: how it works and why it is already part of our lives Discover the importance of artificial intelligence in this episode of "What a Digital World", the web series of Registro .it dedicated to the challenges of the digital world that change the society we live in.