Piccole Medie Digitali Web Talk

New online edition of the Registro .it road show, dedicated to SMEs and freelancers, to introduce Italian businesses and professionals to the opportunities of digital technology and help them get started again.

The aim of the project is to talk about the opportunities of the Internet and of digital transformation with Italian micro, small and medium enterprises, in order to provide the keys to understand and face digital transformation, and to promote business and competitiveness. As always, .it domain names will be in the spotlight, enhanced by marketing tools and strategies specifically designed for micro, small and medium companies.

In each episode, Gianluca Diegoli will talk to sector experts and entrepreneurs to understand the role of digital in overcoming the current moment and relaunching the business, trying to give "practical" tips.

In the wake of the road show that has crossed Italy with its seven stops over the last two years, each live show will be dedicated to a key sector of the Italian economy.


Food, the future of catering between digital anda news business models is at the core of second online appointment of "Piccole Medie Digitali".

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On 15 July, the first episode analysed how tourism is changing and how the web can help businesses and tourism operators to move on or achieve new goals.

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During the third event of the Web Talk, we have talk the digital challenges and new purchasing behaviours involving the fashion industry with experts.

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