Piccole Medie Digitali (Small Medium Digitals) - The Registro .it Roadshow

The “Small Medium Digitals” roadshow is a series of training events on the topics of digital marketing, organized by Registro .it, with the aim of bringing to entrepreneurs and freelancers new awareness of the opportunities offered by digital transformation and the tools of the Web. It is an initiative with which Registro .it intends to contribute to the promotion of the business and the competitiveness of small and medium-sized Italian companies. A veritable travelling workshop to:

  • approach an increasing number of SMEs and poorly or partially digitized professionals, meeting them directly
  • spread know-how and digital culture with a simple and educational style
  • reach in a capillary way different areas and strategic sectors of the national economy
  • consolidate the positioning of Registro .it as a reference point in the Italian digital ecosystem

The roadshow got started on October 26 in Lecce with a first stop dedicated to the operators of the tourism sector and unfolded in 6 other stages throughout Italy. Each stage of “Small Medium Digitals “ focuses on one of the key sectors of the Italian economy: tourism (Lecce, October 2018), fashion (Prato, December 2018), wine (Udine, February 2019), food (Ercolano (NA), May 2019), the tertiary sector (Rome, June 2019), mechanics (Modena, September 2019) and design (Erba (CO), November 2019).

Each training day offers in-depth analysis with marketing and industry experts, and interviews with the protagonists of business success stories: small and medium-sized businesses in which the public can recognize themselves, entrepreneurs who have been able to exploit digital transformation to increase their business .

A specific space in each stage is also dedicated to business matching. Protagonists are the Registrars, the companies that deal with domain names throughout Italy, who can meet the public to present their services.

Participation in events is free.

See the detailed program of previous stages:

See the video story of previous stages and interviews:

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