Let's Bit! is a peer education project . It was developed as part of the school-work alternation program and trains older school students by making them junior educators of primary school children.

The beneficiaries of the project are high school students who, after having attended a training course provided by the .it Registry team of experts, support the Ludoteca staff in the lessons dedicated to a mindful use of the Web. The main tool used to train the future educators is the web app Internetopoli (www.internetopoli.it freccia). This offers multimedia and interactive forms of all the main topics covered by the workshops: network operation, history and organization of the Internet, safe browsing, .it domains, online content, smart cities and the Internet of things.

This experience has produced excellent results: the children have always been attentive and motivated to listen and have taken on board the advice of these young Web expert. The youngsters, protagonists of a process in which they themselves become a reference for others, have succeeded in stimulating self-knowledge, interaction and collaboration among peers, also strengthening individual skills and the development of operational independence. Given this responsibility, moreover, they have analyzed more closely their own behavior as users of the Web.

'Let's Bit' is a project that involves the whole of Italy. In the two-year period 2015-2017, 172 hours of training were provided, 10 schools with 21 classes participated, for a total of 445 school students.