Internetopoli 'is the name of the multimedia application created by the Ludoteca. It is an educational tool that helps teachers to propose a game and study to their classes using the themes of the Web. These include how the Internet works, its potential, the correct behaviors to adopt, stimulating reflections on the use of social media, on the publication of content on the Web, respect for privacy and one's own digital identity.

The metaphor of the city is the scenario of this web app (IWB-compatible), which is structured in eight levels with various contents. There are texts, graphic representations, interactive quizzes, video tutorials, cartoons, presentations and film clips. If used in all its potential, the application becomes a digital learning tool for teachers that is open, polysemous and multitasking, fully digital native-friendly.

'Internetopoli' also has its own offline version: 'Internetopoli -The Game', a floor game, along the lines of the Game of the Goose, which develops as a path within the city of Internet with quizzes and practical tests involving several teams. To date, over 8,000 users have downloaded the application.

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