The project, realized in collaboration with the Department of Computer Science of the University of Pisa, foresees the creation of a search service for Registrants and Registrars. When a "whois like" request for a domain name is made, if the domain name requested is not available because already registered, the system returns a list of semantically alternative domain names available for registration.

The Domain Search expands the range of services made available by the Registry to users and Registrars so as to increase the spread of .it domain names and promote awareness of the fruitful use of the domains.

The service foresees the study and implementation of methodologies and techniques for the semantic analysis of contents that able to return results consistent with the initial request. Similitude techniques may include the use of plurals, synonyms, translations into other languages, addition of suitable and significant prefixes and/or suffixes, etc.

The service will be available through the website, in the case of searching for a domain name both through the Whois and using appropriate REST interfaces available for Registrars.