"Digitali per caso", the new Registro .it web series with Patrizio Roversi

Can a small business next door grow with digital culture and broaden its horizons? Of course, it can, and just to prove it, Registro .it has been up and down Italy in the company of Patrizio Roversi, who has become for the occasion ... “digital by chance”.

Artisans, traders, pharmacists, professionals, hoteliers: in every episode of the web series you will discover how an entrepreneur can create and manage their online presence to reach new customers, increase sales and be more competitive on the market.

The people and the stories we met on our journey are a source of inspiration for all the small entrepreneurs in Italy. They tell us how, by exploiting the opportunities provided by the Internet and digital innovation, it is possible to enhance traditional trades and activities, develop original ideas and talents, typical products, and the local territory.

With "Digitali per Caso" Registro .it continues to promote the spread of digital culture and computer literacy, fundamental tools to support the competitiveness of local SMEs and the concept of “made in Italy”.

Watch all the episodes of “Digitali per caso!

Digitali per caso
Digitali per caso
Digitali per caso