Riccardo Simionato for Odpgroup

Orizzonti del Pescatore is the child of the entrepreneurial vocation of young Andrea Rossi who, after spending his childhood in the colors of the Rialto market and of the island of Burano, decided to start marketing fish, following the recipes of the Venetian tradition. The products ODP, born of the collaboration with other partners who, like him, believed in the project, bring to everybody's tables the excellence of the recipes of the city of the Dogi.

ODPGROUP.IT is the acronym of Orizzonti del Pescatore: it is that spot of the sea where your look gets lost, and represents our dream to reach far away places. The project came out of a meeting between a client and a trader. That's how we met, at a fishmonger's shop, and we embarked on this adventure.

The ODPgroup site is a small, but growing window, the witness of the ambition of its founders who can’t wait to turn it into a point of reference for the whole sector. Today, Luca and Andrea use it to illustrate their project and their products, with all the poetry that their island can inspire.

Riccardo Simionato

Photography is simply the best way to express myself

Riccardo Simionato was born in Treviso in 1993 and, after graduating in multimedia graphics, moved to Milan to attend the Italian Institute of Photography. Curious and emotional, during his studies, he understands that his artistic sensitivity can find its ideal means of expression in photography. He has a geometrical and clean style that emphasizes the emotional side of architectures and landscapes.