Alvise Crovato for Slowfood

SLOWFOOD.IT means taking your time, and it is a name born in contrast with the fast-food philosophy that, in its turn, is the offspring of the fast-life, of this life where we are all forced to run and, indeed, run after.

The web is the place where the dream of a clean, good, and fair nutrition begins. On the Slowfood page, you can find all the information necessary to become a member of the movement and start contributing to the protection of biodiversity.

Alvise Crovato

I go everywhere there's a story to tell or an experience to make

Alvise Crovato was born in Milan in 1977. While in High School, he did voluntary work for the LIPU and became passionate about photo safaris on slides. After spending some years in the Tuscan countryside, he returned to Milan, where he enrolled in the Faculty of Geographical Sciences and attended the Higher Professional Course of the Italian Institute of Photography. His photography ranges from the reportage to the scene. That's why he visits with passion every place where there are stories to tell and experiences to make.