The Registro .it has started a project to monitor the domain names registration service in order to create an integrated system able not only to point out abnormalities concerning the supply or use of the DNS service, but also to see it from another point of view that goes beyond the mere supply of the domain names resolution service.

In order to provide a better service, the Registry has decided to periodically validate the registration statistics, in order to highlight typical problems such as suboptimal DNS servers and imperfect configurations. In addition, in order to limit network latency, it has developed a permanent monitoring console of DNS traffic, to monitor in real time the status of the service supplied and the geographical position of users, so as to locate the servers according to the real number of requests to the DNS. The servers, located according to the data obtained by the monitoring activity, utilize any cast network addresses that allow the Registry to replicate servers on the network and choose the best one in terms of network latency, compared to the user that carries out the requests. Besides minimizing service time, the anycast servers withstand most distributed attacks.

Currently the Registry has activated four DNS anycast nodes to implement and manage a robust and quality network and system infrastructure, using service access data.