Ludoteca del Registro .it

Ludoteca (a sort of Internet game centre) is an initiative for children of school age, in particular for the 6-10 year range. The main goal is to transmit the Internet culture amongst “digital natives”, educating young people as to how to use this medium in a knowledgeable and safe way.

Ludoteca with group games, cartoons and mini labs, puts children at the centre of a unique experience all dedicated to the Web. This will lead them to learn the rules that make Internet work, its potential, the correct behavior to adopt, stimulating reflection on social media use, on the publication of content on the Web, respect for privacy and their own digital identity.

Ludoteca offers a series of free lessons in schools applying to participate in the project.

The Ludoteca has joined the Digital Republic Manifesto. The initiative, promoted by the Digital Transformation Department of the Italian Prime Minister's Office, aims to accompany the digital transformation process with a set of digital inclusion actions aimed at breaking down any form of digital cultural divide.

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