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Piccole Medie Digitali

Digitisation and internationalisation: the challenges for the Made in Italy SMEs

The sixth appointment of Piccole Medie Digitali, the web talk by Registro .it on the opportunities of the digital world for businesses and professionals, took place live at the Pisa Chamber of Commerce, on the occasion of the #InternetFestival2021.

Enrico Pagliarini interviewed:

  • Anna Vaccarelli – Technology Executive at CNR;
  • Cristiano Savini – CEO of Savini Tartufi;
  • Emanuele Vitali - East Media Co-founder;
  • Paolo Levaggi – Founder of Fratelli Levaggi.

The theme of this sixth event is the digitisation and internationalisation of small and medium enterprises through online. Despite the momentum of this period, according to the report "Digital and Economy Society Index" Italy is in third place in Europe for digitisation. Only 1 out of 10 small and medium-sized enterprises sell online, compared to the European average of 18%. And that's not all: the companies that have moved to digital in this period, driven by the pandemic, have four times more foreign trade than non-digitised SMEs. The data therefore speak for themselves: digitisation and internationalisation go hand in hand.

A key issue with regard to digitisation is domain names, which increased during the Covid-19 pandemic, not only in Italy but also in the rest of Europe. In Italy, the increase was +120 per cent, with the curve then returning to more stable and normal levels. There is still a lot of potential from professionals and micro-businesses, testifying an important cultural enlargement by registering a domain name too.

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