15.10.2020 | Social Registro .it

.it names as an ideal medium for individual expression on the Internet is the theme at the heart of Registro .it's campaign, which has chosen the most famous team of Italian Internet creators to tell the story

The Jackal's ad-hoc video for this project is online as of today.

The new campaign of Registro .it, the registry of Italian domain names, is now underway. It is a cultural initiative to raise young people's awareness of the importance of their identity on the Internet. Being on social networks is important and often necessary, but it can only be a corollary to proprietary content and can only refer to an identity presence.

This is the message that Registro wants to spread, and to make it more appealing, it has chosen to collaborate with the Ciaopeople publishing group, creating an activity that includes the conception and production of a The Jackal video, amplified through distribution on Fanpage.it and Registro.it properties. To support the project from a publishing standpoint, an article has been written containing "the 10 moves for being yourself online", published on Fanpage.it and on the related social network properties to support the campaign.

The video jokes about the typical dynamics of the social network and highlights the importance of cultivating one's identity online, following one's aspirations, even the strangest ones.

Indeed, the project developed with Registro .it finds full expression in the creation of an ad-hoc website to support the activity: tartarughesaggeconparrucche.it. As mentioned in the content, the website is a sort of easter egg: users who have seen the video will look for it and will be able to share their distinctive quote or phrase by taking an active part in the digital identity project.