25.03.2021 | Facebook e Youtube Registro .it

The second 2021 web talk of Piccole Medie Digitali, namely Registro .it's free web talk series dedicated to the opportunities of the digital world for businesses and professionals, is dedicated to art and the great challenge of digitisation.

In this web talk, we discover how the art industry, despite the shutdowns imposed by the pandemic, has continued to breathe life into Italy's artistic and cultural heritage using digital technologies.

In the video, journalist and Radio 24 host Enrico Pagliarini interviews:

  • Carolina Donzelli – External relations, exhibitions and events - Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana
  • Paolo and Martina Gasparoli – Technical Director, Head of Research and Development & Communication - gasparoli.it
  • Christian Greco – Director of the Egyptian Museum of Turin
  • Nicolette Mandarano – Art Historian
  • Piero Muscarà – CEO and Co-founder of arte.it
  • Francesca Sborgi – Promotion and Communication Officer of the Uffizi Gallery   
  • Anna Vaccarelli – Head of External Relations, Media, Communication and Marketing of Registro .it

In the web talk, the inevitable acceleration of digital technology due to the lockdown experienced by cultural institutions is discussed, together with the way in which digital awareness has become a fundamental element in their communication strategy. Now more than ever, digital technology is an indispensable tool for art and the companies operating in this sector. The Internet has become a showcase for artists, but also for museum institutions themselves, which can, for example, manage ticketing and access to exhibitions and collections through e-commerce. The museum is thus no longer just a physical space but also a digital one, which enriches and improves the visitor experience through forms of customisation, immersiveness and interaction. Well-constructed websites and social networks are the tools that help cultural institutions to make themselves known and maintain long-term relationships with their audiences. Italian art and culture are famous throughout the world, and on the Internet, it is possible to express one's Italian identity by registering a .it domain name.

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