22.04.2021 | Social Registro .it

The third 2021 web talk of Piccole Medie Digitali, namely Registro .it's free web talk series dedicated to the opportunities of the digital world for businesses and professionals, is dedicated to the role of digitisation in the healthcare sector.

This web talk explores the way the world of healthcare, which is increasingly characterised by a patient-centred approach, is changing thanks to the use of digital technology in diagnostics, customised prevention and virtual and remote assistance.

In the video, journalist and Radio 24 host Enrico Pagliarini interviews:

  • Silvia Mazzanti – Sales Director for Italy of Register.it
  • Lorenza Pratali – Cardiologist at the CNR Institute of Clinical Physiology
  • Barbara Sala – CEO of Delcon
  • Graziella Bilotta – CEO of Paginemediche
  • Alberto Trussardi – CEO & Co-Founder of Farmakom

The focus of the episode is distance medicine and the new 'digital' relationship between doctor and patient. The pandemic has inevitably affected the way in which citizens approach healthcare, thereby giving momentum to telemedicine, namely an innovative approach to healthcare practice that complements traditional medicine with the use of digital channels and new platforms for doctors to visit their patients. Thanks to the Internet, citizens can use healthcare services without having to go to the national structure, thereby benefiting from more accessible diagnoses and referrals, the possibility of making video calls with their GP, and exchanging files and documents via email or chat. All this does not compromise the doctor-patient relationship but provides added value in a world that is increasingly digitised in all fields.


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