12.05.2021 | Social Media Channels (YT and FB) and live from the website of Ludoteca del Registro .it (www.ludotecaregistro.it)

Digital culture is a key point in our daily lives and its dissemination is one of the goals that the Ludoteca has pursued since its establishment. The activities of the Ludoteca were initially aimed at primary school students, but over the years have embraced all school orders.

The approach is learning by playing: Web topics are addressed with games and interactive workshops. The educational activities of the Ludoteca have gradually been enriched with tools suitable for all ages and all topics, with a particular focus on cybersecurity.

The aim is to create awareness in the use of the Web and to train digital (and safe) citizens who are the protagonists of life on the Web. It is therefore important to emphasise the importance of the educational function on these issues, enhancing the playful approach.

Moderator: Mr. Marco Ferrazzoli, Head of Press Office of the CNR


  • Augusto Chioccarello: Researcher at the Institute for Educational Technologies in Genoa
  • Ilaria Matteucci: Researcher at the Institute of Informatics and Telematics, CNR
  • Ersilia Menesini: Director of the Department of Education, Languages, Interculture, Literatures and Psychology at the University of Florence
  • Giovanni Vespoli: Safer Internet Day Coordinator - Connected Generations
  • Anna Vaccarelli: Manager of the Ludoteca del Registro .it

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