06.10.2017 | Pisa - Cinema Teatro Lux - Piazza S. Caterina

5 OCTOBER, 16:00-18:00

Listening, building, writing, sharing: digital marketing for companies in four stages.

Four experts, four tools to investigate to build an efficient digital marketing strategy: analysis of sentiment, what the Web says about you; the site and communication, strictly smartphone-friendly; email marketing, the love letter to your client; Facebook, never face it without user’s instructions.

  • Gianluca Diegoli freccia- "Prepare the company for the mobile-only user" – How to prepare the site, communication and online publicity for an increasingly smartphone-connected public: a guide so as not to be caught unprepared.
  • Alessandra Farabegoli freccia - "Harassment doesn’t pay: to whom, when and what to write to make email marketing work" - Where antispam filters and the automatic separation of “important” messages from service communications and publicity don’t get you, the final death of email marketing done badly is the indifference, or worse the annoyance, generated in recipients. A brief ecological lesson on email communication, and newsletters that are sustainable and that last with time.
  • Enrico Marchetto freccia - "Doing Business on Facebook? First, you have to do Business with Facebook!" -Facebook is a perfectly conceived machine: simple for personal use, more complex if our objective is the company’s online marketing. We’ll choose together which tools and which strategies to put in our toolkit (and at what cost, obviously).
  • Matteo Flora freccia-"From Listening to Action: what can we listen to and  why do we speak of Data-Driven Strategy?" - The tools of Social and Web Analytics have become essential instruments that enable us to gather important information on a company, on its working context and on its competitors. Furthermore, we can discover in real time what perception the public has of a Brand, a Product or a Person. Therefore the strategy driven by data is based on listening to the Web, on the analysis of the data extracted and on its consequent exploitation. In the session, we shall understand together how to insert these data into company strategies and which concrete advantages they entail.

6 OCTOBER, 9:30 – 17:30

"Toolkit: email marketing and Facebook strategy "
Limited number workshop - booking compulsory

Sala 1: Alessandra Farabegoli - email marketing in practice

  • Email marketing, how and why
  • The mailing list and its management
  • Strategy and implementation: the work plan
  • Emails that work
  • Give yourself clear objectives and measure the results

Sala 2: Enrico Marchetto - Facebook Strategy for companies

  • Direct demand versus latent demand
  • Facebook figures
  • Facebook contents
  • The toolkit
  • Facebook advertising
  • Case studies

7 OCTOBER, 9:30 – 17:30 Bootstrap

StartupItalia! frecciaIs a main actor at the Internet Festival for the fourth year running with Bootstrap, also this year thanks to collaboration with Registro .it.

This coaching event will bring together young entrepreneurs and leaders in innovation. 15 early stage startups will have the opportunity to meet 15 experts to discuss, share experiences, exchange opinions and obtain advice in order to set their sights clearly on being successful.

No stage, no scenery and no curtain - just four work tables with marketing directors, web and social media managers, journalists and CTOs of the most important Italian companies, all available for new ideas and exchange with the startups.

The 4 work tables have the following themes:

  • Mission – Vision, Business and Strategy Models
  • Finanziamento – Funding, HR and Human Resources
  • Execution –Technology, Planning and UX
  • Promotion – Marketing and Communication, Social Media and Mobile Advertising

8 OCTOBER, 16:00 – 18:00 Bootstrap

1987-2017: thirty years of .it

It seems like yesterday, but it’s already thirty years: in December 1987 the CNR of Pisa was given the go-ahead from IANA to manage the Italian Registry of .it domain names.

Since that day more than three million enterprises and natural persons have registered their name with an Italian “nameplate”: pioneering brands such as Enel, Ferrari, La Rinascente, Buffetti, Acqua di Parma, who opened their website and all began their digital story with .it between the end of the 1980s and the first years of the ‘90s.

To celebrate this important birthday, the event will bring together all those who, from the very beginning, believed in domain names as an added value for their business. Organized by Registro.it in collaboration with StartupItalia!, during the event, this important birthday will be celebrated with the stories of Sonia Peronaci, Gazzetta.it freccia, Luca Dini (vanityfair.it freccia), Francesca Barbieri (fraintesa.it freccia) and many others. Not only: we will also hear from those who in the last 30 years have chosen .it in order to distinguish their identity online - millennials certainly, but not only.
Moderator is Giampaolo Colletti, freccia journalist and storyteller. 

Eventribite 1987-2017: thirty years of .it freccia