25.02.2021 | Canali social Registro .it

The first 2021 web talk of Piccole Medie Digitali, namely Registro .it's free web talk series dedicated to the opportunities of the digital world for businesses and professionals, is dedicated to agri-food and the way it is changing thanks to digital marketing and innovation, without forgetting the issue of sustainability.

In the video, journalist and Radio 24 host Enrico Pagliarini interviews:

  • Marianna Palella – Founder & CEO of Citrus
  • Francesca Zambonini –AgrInfluencer Farmer
  • Elisa Moretto – Owner of Azienda Agricola Moretto
  • Stefano Caccavari – Founder of Mulinum
  • Anna Vaccarelli – Head of External Relations, Media, Communication and Marketing of Registro .it

Many farms are turning to the digital world, which, due to the inability or impossibility for people to visit sales points in person, has experienced great growth in this industry as well.

The web talk takes stock of the importance of agri-food companies using a .it domain name to be present on the web. Indeed, the .it domain name represents Made in Italy on the Internet, which is why it is important for Italian agricultural products to get involved by starting to build their online presence around the domain name.

What should be published on a farm website? The protagonists of the video present several ideas: a website is first and foremost a tool for presenting one's own activity, products and story in a very personal way that is free from the constraints imposed by social networks. A website is a fully-fledged business card with which farms can make themselves known and build and/or consolidate their reputation.

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