25.02.2021 | Canali social Registro .it

"Piccole Medie Digitali" is back: The Web Talk created by Registro .it, free of charge, to help entrepreneurs and professionals know about the opportunities of the digital world.

During the first episode of the third edition, we discussed how innovation and digital marketing are changing the Agri-food sector, without forgetting sustainability.

The event, presented by the Radio 24 journalist and presenter Enrico Pagliarini, hosted:

  • Marianna Palella – Founder & CEO Citrus
  • Francesca Zambonini – AgrInfluencer and Farmer
  • Elisa Moretto – Owner of Azienda Agricola Moretto (Moretto Farm)
  • Stefano Caccavari – Founder of Mulinum
  • Anna Vaccarelli – Registro .it - First Technologist and External Relations, Media, Communication and Marketing Manager
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