27.05.2021 | Canali social Registro .it

The 2021 fourth web talk of Piccole Medie Digitali, the free web talks by Registro .it dedicated to the opportunities of the digital world for businesses and professionals, is dedicated to the new challenges that the future holds for the publishing industry.

In the video, Enrico Pagliarini, journalist and Radio24 host, interviews:

  • Fabio Marino - Editor and web master of Marotta&Cafiero
  • Barbara Ciaghi - Editorial Director of Tangram srl - Edizioni del Faro
  • Leonardo Taiuti - CEO and co-founder of Bookdealer
  • Paolo Ambrosini - President of the Italian Booksellers Association
  • Alessio Cecchi - CEO of Qboxmail srl

Here, we find out how the dynamics in the publishing industry have changed - or are still changing - for both readers and the companies operating in it. Faced with the big players on the web and in order to grow, the publishing industry must use the tools provided by the Web.

The web, even for small and medium-sized enterprises in the sector, is a showcase that should not be ignored. Publishing houses can use the possibilities coming from the e-commerce site, whereas the local bookshop can use the web to ensure the closest users find them. Publishers and booksellers have always looked at digital as an opportunity through which they can achieve multiple goals. These include using the web to avoid losing the relationship among publishing house, author and reader. This has led to platforms such as Adottaunlibro.it, where authors present projects that readers can then support.

Communication on the Internet is also the source of trends that can influence a publishing house's editorial choices – in the video, the example of poetry books driven by the spread of poetry slams is mentioned. This and much more in the Piccole Medie Digitali web talk!


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