27.09.2019 | Laboratorio Aperto di Modena (ex AEM) - Viale Buon Pastore 43 - Modena

Roadshow stop-over of Registro .it in Modena, dedicated to mechanics and mechatronics: advice, methodologies and success stories to expand the business and share experiences online.

from 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm


  • Giampaolo Colletti - journalist and founder of the job community Wwworkers.it, author of "Sei un genio" (Hoepli)



  • The .it and the challenges of digital Italy - Anna Vaccarelli - Head of External Relations, Media, Communication and Marketing of Registro .it
  • The territory that brings innovation
    • Roberto Zani  - President of the Democenter Foundation
    • Fabrizio Palai – Head of Open Laboratory
  • Valuable online relationships: the winning formula even in the B2B - Gianluca Diegoli, Expert in digital strategies and teacher at IULM
  • Bridging the distance with China thanks to the Internet (while paying attention to culture, languages and platforms) - Mauro Comendulli, Expert in digital marketing for China, CEO of East Media
  • The virtuous elements of the metalworking industry told online (with the help of the former blogger founder)
  • The human factor of artificial intelligence: how to generate online value in the era of Data Economy - Alessio Semoli, CEO of Pranaventures and teacher at IULM, author of "AI Marketing", Hoepli


Aperitif to follow

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