07.06.2021 |

Digital as a new business opportunity, a video game to learn about cybersecurity, and the tenth anniversary of the Ludoteca. These are just three of the topics covered in this first issue of the year, showing that the Registro’s activities have not stopped and that the objectives - Web potential and digital education - have not changed, even at the time of Covid-19. In the first Quarter 2021, the focus was on .it names, which have increased compared to previous years and reached the level of 2016, and that have been registered mainly by freelancers and companies, looking for a digital identity after discovering the Web due to the pandemic.

The usual statistics are also available, and just this once, those of the Ludoteca have been included, so as to highlight the growth and involvement of schools, children and young people, parents and teachers.

Furthermore, also timely news from the world of the Web have been included, with a focus on projects, regulations and events of the coming months.

Enjoy your reading!