The Web is now an integral part of our lives, a metropolis, inhabited by individuals, companies, professionals, experts, influencers, etc. Those who want to get in touch with their audience must know the logic of the digital world, mastering its languages and tools.

This Digital Kit offers a comprehensive overview of the tools, channels and strategic phases that a company or a professional must face in taking the first steps on the Web.

First of all the owner’s site, a place with a precise, distinctive identity, the only place that can give a comprehensive  story of "who we are". The kit explains the various elements to be considered in the creation of a website: domain name, hosting and content management platform (CMS).

After the site, or together with it, comes the strategy of promotion. This can be divided into various steps and can develop in many forms, from advertising on search engines to the use of e-mail marketing. The important thing is to know the forms and the messages truly useful to your company.

Enjoy the read!