Progetto Quid - of Anna and Marco

Quid is an opportunity to create work, hope and beauty.

In April 2012, the passions and ideas of five Veronese youngsters came together to give life to Progetto QUID freccia. Anna, Lucia, Ludovico, Umberto and Elisabetta shared their skills to make their dream come true. This was to make the world of fashion converge with that of sustainability.

It is from the name of the project, in Latin "something more", that there emerges the will and desire to create value for the reality of Verona and the fashion market. The aim of QUID is to create accessories and clothing, experimenting with the reintegration of women in difficulty through their employment in the production of items. Thanks to a network of carefully selected and local brand partners, Made in Italy quality fabrics are recovered, which would otherwise be unused, with the aim of creating ethical products ready for the fashion market.

In fact, it is precisely the women that are the heart of Quid. Each one with her own story and passion is the strong point of the project. "Women within Quid make the difference, bringing richness and beauty into the project".

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The union of profit and non-profit was therefore the perfect formula to open two stores in 4 years, reach the number of 19 employees and collect numerous collaborations with Italian fashion brands.

Through the story of Anna Fiscale and Marco Giacomin, we immerse ourselves in another way of thinking about the fashion world, exploring new paths that perfectly combine beauty and creativity with social commitment.

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Progetto Quid - of Anna and Marco Progetto Quid - of Anna and Marco Progetto Quid - of Anna and Marco Progetto Quid - of Anna and Marco