Registering a .it

Registering a .it

Registering your domain name .it is easy:

  • Check on the Whois database if the domain name you have chosen is available
  • Contact a Registrar that will directly register your domain name

Some important rules

  • an unlimited number of .it domain names can be registered by anyone who is an adult and has citizenship, residence or commercial headquarters in the countries of the European Economic Area (EEA), in the State of the Vatican, in the Republic of San Marino and the Swiss Confederation
  • a .it domain name can consist only of letters from "a" to "z", digits 0 to 9 and the symbol "-" (hyphen). It should not begin and end with the symbol "-" (dash) or start with the character sequence "xn"
  • a .it domain name can be composed of a minimum of 3 characters and a maximum of 63
  • a .it domain name cannot be reserved
  • a .it domain name with accented characters and non-Latin characters (in technical terminology defined as Internationalized Domain Names - IDNs)

Geographical domains

The "predefined geographical organizations" in the consist of domain names that correspond to:

  • Italian regions (e.g.;
  • Italian provinces (e.g.;
  • Italian municipalities under the province to which they belong (e.g.

The registration and maintenance of such domain names under the "predefined geographical organization" takes place by inserting the appropriate "dns proxy" and therefore such domains cannot be assigned to any subject. They are operationally managed by the Italian Registry.

Domains reserved for local authorities 

Some dot it domains can only be assigned to local authorities: these are names that correspond to the official designation of Italian regions, provinces and municipalities (e.g.,,,,,,

Reserved names corresponding to names of Italian municipalities

To register this type of domain name, send a paper application by completing this form:

The form cannot be changed, and must be fully completed and signed by the Registrant before being sent to the Registry:

  • by fax: +39 050-542420
  • by mail or courier to:

Registro .it
Istituto di Informatica e Telematica del CNR
Via Giuseppe Moruzzi, 1
I-56124 Pisa (Italy)

Reserved and non-assignable domains         

Some dot it domain names are reserved and cannot be assigned to any Registrant:

  • names corresponding to Italian regions, provinces and municipalities (e.g.,,;
  • names corresponding to certain network services or resources (e.g.,,, These domain names cannot even be assigned under the "predefined geographical organization";
  • names corresponding to "unsponsored" ICANN gTLDs (e.g. com, .net, .info, .name).

Domain names that do not match the official name of a local government body may be registered freely in the same way as with a second-level domain (e.g.,,
Domains that identify Italy as a nation can only be assigned to Italian government agencies.
Domain names that correspond to the gTLDs "sponsored" by ICANN (e.g. .edu, .gov) can only be assigned as second-level domains (e.g. for entities that are recognized by the Italian Registry as "competent organs of the state".

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