"Let's Bit!" in Albania


“Let's bit!” is a peer education project of the Registro .it Ludoteca which connects two generations of digital natives: second-grade school students and primary school children. Respectively, the first group - trained and supported by the Ludoteca staff - instruct the younger pupils on the mindful and correct use of the Internet.

On 25, 26 and 27 September the Ludoteca of (www.ludotecaregistro.it) took Let's Bit! to Albania in the bilingual Italian-Albanian section of "Liceo 28 Nentori" High School in Scutari.

The new ARP portal and the DNSSEC accreditation function


On July 27 the new ARP portal for the new Registrars’ accreditation was published: it has a new look, there are some improved existing functions and above all there is a new function of accreditation for the registration through DNSSEC. The Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) guarantees the security and the reliability of the information of the DNS systems (this protocol, through the use of names, and not numbers, allows us to surf the Internet easily).

An award for Presente Digitale


Presente Digitale is the new project for the dissemination of digital culture, originating from the collaboration between Registro .it and the Institute of Educational Technologies of the CNR. The project involves the creation of a portal for free online teacher training regarding digital culture issues. This also offers paths of reflection that can be presented in classes and makes material available for teachers and students. The project was awarded among the "100 projects" worthy within the field of Human Capital and Education.

In Rome with the final stage of the Roadshow

The Registro .it Ludoteca was on the road in Italy to celebrate thirty years since the first.it domain name! On this occasion, the Ludoteca, together with its young internauts, explored the functions, problems and opportunities associated with the world of Internet. The Roadshow crossed Italy, from North to South, with a tour including 5 stages: the Ludoteca set off from Turin on 2 March, stopped off in Udine on 23 March, visited Pescara on 20 April, Lecce on 3-4 May and Rome on 11 May. The journey will finish on 23 May with a final party in Pisa, in the CNR Research Area.

The .itContest has closed!


"Nabbovaldo, or rather the seasons at Internetopoli”, a compelling story inspired by the genius of Italo Calvino, written by a group of young pupils from Pisa province, has won the national .itContest competition. The competition promoted by the Italian Registry was won by the 1st year class of the Middle School "Anna Pardini" of Lajatico. They will receive the 1000 Euro "big cheque" prize for the winner, which can be spent on teaching materials.

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