Who is and what does Alessio Semoli do?

I am a dreamer, one who truly believes that our dreams are the engine that makes us live our lives better. I believe in the law of attraction and that, if you strongly desire something and do not give up, sooner or later the energy makes everything come true. Mainly I'm a father and having 5 children, the commitment is guaranteed, while, on the Business side, I work on developing PranaVentures: an Italian venture capitalist investing in entrepreneurial realities related to innovation. Finally, I am a trainer because I believe in sharing experiences.

You wrote a manual called "Marketing automation": what does that mean?

Marketing Automation is a new way of understanding online business. It's nothing shocking: it's about automating information flows, buying advertising, modifying content through methodologies and applications that offer this service. The final intent is to have better communication with the final customer.

What do you mean in the book by “reprogramming your own time”?

I mean that today unfortunately the relationship between private life and work is unbalanced: many hours of one's life are spent at work, sometimes without even the need for it, but only so as not to have feelings of guilt or to show you’re busy. This mechanism is harmful: if there is no balance between the parts of our being, it’s hard to be efficient. Reprogramming one’s own time means starting to give priority to our point of view and dedicate the most precious thing we have, time, to what we want to do with our lives.

How important is customer care in marketing automation?

Customer care is important for any business. Companies today need to understand that customers, if you don’t represent them in some way, are looking for someone else who can meet their needs. In marketing automation it is possible to automate a constant communicative exchange.

What are the most useful data that a company can obtain from an effective email marketing campaign?

An effective email marketing campaign can be measured in three steps: the interest in the object, which is measured by open rate; the goodness of the content, indicated by the CTR (Click-through-rate); finally, the sale, or the final objective, which is measured with the fundamental CR (Conversion-rate).

How can we turn a visitor into a satisfied customer?

Good question! The truth is that there is no magic formula, but I define it as an alchemy of many factors, where in first place we have trust, which is what is then developed in the client’s customer journey phase.

What are the best web analytics tools?

I do not think there is a “best one” in particular - it depends a lot on what needs to be done. Over the years, I’ve seen companies buy tools for hundreds of thousands of euros, just because they were the best in circulation: it's a shame that looking a bit closer they never entered them even once. And unfortunately I’ve see a good number of these cases ...

What are the main metrics to monitor?

On my courses  I like to say that today the problem of online activities is that there are too many data and it is easy to get lost in useless metrics that are good for nothing. Today, above all, we must have the objective clear, what we want to achieve and where we want to go. Then the metrics come naturally, otherwise you risk wasting time unnecessarily and it can very easily happen if we do not have a precise destination in mind.

Incoming traffic: how can we measure its quality?

This is the most important thing: if I buy traffic, that is, I spend, I must have immediate control of what I am doing. In the case of lead generation activities the conversion-rate is the most actionable tool, that is, it puts me into action, because it immediately tells me what works and what doesn’t. For e-commerce I can use the ROI, or the return of the immediate investment on every activity that I carry out.