Italian Stories - of Eleonora and Andrea

Artisans are the spokespersons of wonderful stories, their products and their territories.

From the need to tell stories was born the project known as Italian Stories, which reflects the way of creating and carrying out tourism.

The protagonists of "Italian history" are the artisans - those who, custodians of a series of values and cultural knowledge, are an excellent key to understanding our country. To them Italian Stories wants to give more earning opportunities, enabling them to open up to markets which for them would otherwise be difficult to reach.

Eleonora Odorizzi and Andrea Miserocchi of Italian Stories explain how "a territory is not visited but experienced". For this reason, they have combined Made in Italy in a special way, represented by Italian artisans and their territory.

From online to offline, Italian Stories has managed to create several communities within a large network, from that of the artisans to that of the storyfinder. The strong digital component of the project gives strength to these communities and allows them to interact. Travelers, thanks to the online portal, find the most suitable route for themselves, also personalizing it, and they create feedback, leaving a travel testament for future visitors.

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Storyfinders find the best stories to tell offline and bring them on the web to let them be known. In the same way, the artisans propose their work and their products by registering on the site, have their own personal profile and manage the booking directly, always with the certainty of knowing who will visit them, thanks to the community formed.

Italian Stories has managed to become in effect a virtual  space for meeting and sharing experiences, thanks to which you will be able to know all the secrets of our territory. From the typical picture postcard Italy to that of the off the beaten track areas, which have a great desire to be known.

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Italian Stories - of Eleonora and Andrea Italian Stories - of Eleonora and Andrea Italian Stories - of Eleonora and Andrea Italian Stories - of Eleonora and Andrea Italian Stories - of Eleonora and Andrea