New 2022-2025 Registro/Registrar contract


The new contract for the three-year period 2022-2025 that Registrars must sign with the Registro is now available. Many new features have been introduced, starting from the registration and maintenance of "" domain names, through the obligation to sign the code of Conduct, to the cancellation of .it domains by Registrars upon request of the Registro, in case of "obviously incorrect" data and an untraceable Registrant.

The new domotic and eco-sustainable home of Registro .it


The new headquarters of Registro .it were inaugurated in the CNR Pisa Research Area, which, for the first time, has its own "home" in the place where it was born about 33 years ago. The innovative structure, which will host about 70 researchers and collaborators of Registro .it, is among the best examples of public sustainable building, and has earned the classification of "Almost Zero Energy Building". This very high energy performance structure has already won the "2018 Sustainable Development Award", promoted by the Foundation for Sustainable Development and Ecomondo.

The new ARP portal and the DNSSEC accreditation function


On July 27 the new ARP portal for the new Registrars’ accreditation was published: it has a new look, there are some improved existing functions and above all there is a new function of accreditation for the registration through DNSSEC. The Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) guarantees the security and the reliability of the information of the DNS systems (this protocol, through the use of names, and not numbers, allows us to surf the Internet easily).

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