Oybo - of Eusebia and Lionello

Eusebia Berlaud and Lionello Borean come from different work and cultural backgrounds, but their personal and professional history is in perfect harmony. Completely different but complementary, just like their products.

The Web and online are everything for this company that designs and produces socks and uses the Web as the main channel to sell their creations.

"When we had the idea of OYBO freccia we obviously had to make a choice on how to sell, and that of being essentially online was very much studied and well established. For us online is everything, and without sales online it would have been very difficult, if not impossible. "

The choice of wearing different socks left and right is so strong and in some ways needs a strong personality.

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Why this name?

It is "a fun and unusual expression of surprise on seeing less “serious” products than we usually imagine socks to be. It is for a brand that is somewhat irreverent, right from the product name itself. "

Creativity, lightheartedness and concreteness in a very Italian mix that continues to grow also outside the Italian borders.

Eusebia and Lionello allow us to wear unpaired, colorful and beautiful socks that make us exclaim "OYBO".

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Oybo - of Eusebia and Lionello Oybo - of Eusebia and Lionello Oybo - of Eusebia and Lionello Oybo - of Eusebia and Lionello