The #Phygital dimension where digital and "physical" merge arrives at the Internet Festival 2021


The 2021 edition of the Internet Festival returns to Pisa from 7 to 10 October, with in-person and online events (the virtual part will be extended until December). As every year, Registro .it and the CNR Institute of Informatics and Telematics are among the promoters and organisers of the eleventh edition.  

Punto it - News and stories from the Internet, Italy


The space of during Internet Festival 2019 was created in partnership with ‘Il Post’, online newspaper directed by Mr. Luca Sofri. For two days, Mr. Sofri and his newsroom brought a "real newspaper" on the stage of Officine Garibaldi, with press reviews, news, interviews and insights on the digital revolution, domain names, the Internet and its rules.

Inquiry of Registro .it: youth and digital


'Direction and perception of digital and domain names’ is the title of the statistical and sociological enquiry of Registro .it, the register of names .it managed by the Cnr-Iit of Pisa, performed in partnership with the Center for Business statistics (Csa). Mrs. Anna Vaccarelli, responsible for the Foreign Affairs and Marketing department of Registro .it, and Mrs. Monica Nardis, from Csa, presented the outcomes of the research during the 2019 Internet Festival in Pisa.

It’s Internet Festival time


From 5 to 8 October in Pisa the Internet Festival returns and once again this year we are looking forward to seeing you in the “Scena Digitale” space at the Cinema Teatro Lux, in Piazza Santa Caterina 6. The first three days will be dedicated to the business world with meetings, workshops and networking with the main Italian experts in the sector and Sunday 8 celebrations begin with an event dedicated to an important birthday: .it turns 30!

Italian businesses and .it: the opportunities offered by the Web


Internet Festival 2016 – “These small giants. Are Italian businesses grasping all the opportunities offered by the Web?” In this event organised by the Registro .it, Gianluca Diegoli (digital marketing expert and Registro .it consultant), Domenico Laforenza (director of the CNR’s Istituto of Informatics and Telematics which is responsible for the Registro .it) and Luca De Biase (journalist working for “Il Sole 24 Ore”) highlighted the current situation of Italian businesses in respect of Internet use and the importance of online business. They also explained how to acquire a digital identity through an .it domain and how an Italian Internet name can typify a company in both the material and digital worlds, forging an automatic identification with the “Made in Italy” brand.

30 years of the Internet

How the Internet has changed our lives in thirty years and how it will change them in the next thirty: stories of innovators who have used the Web to revolutionize our habits, the space we live in, our social lives and how we interact with culture, information and finance.

IF 2016: the festival on the Internet's "plots" has ended

More than 200 events in the very centre of Pisa: speeches, workshops, storytelling, panels, seminars, presentations, screenings, comics, awards, and performances. Young and old, experts and newbies, onlookers and foreigners attended the festival in droves. During four intense days in a dedicated venue, the Registro welcomed a large audience discussing businesses and startups, including Startupitalia's Bootstrap, the Registro's business competition, and the launch of the new communication campaign. The CNR's Webtv gave daily coverage to the Internet Festival 2016, showing the multiplicity and variety of the events, focusing mainly on the Registro's events.

Digital Scene 2016

Once again this year we'll be in the front row at the Internet Festival: from 6 to 9 October, at the Lumiere in Pisa, we're waiting for you with a jam-packed programme of events (all free) dedicated to small and medium enterprises, to start-ups, to rights and the Internet and to the future of technology and data that awaits us. See the programme of events.
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