Digital Tomorrow - Puntata 2 Cybersecurity

This second episode of 'Digital Tomorrow' looks at cybersecurity and the importance of IT systems security for small and medium-sized companies in the light of constantly evolving threats.

Cybersecurity is the security of computer systems, which are everywhere around us today, from personal computers and smartphones to smart home devices such as refrigerators and virtual assistive devices. Nowadays, it is important to protect all information systems because it means protecting ourselves and the entire social sphere. The Covid-19 pandemic and the spread of remote working have certainly made a strong contribution to the discussion on cybersecurity and the importance of using the most secure technologies. What are the most common attacks? What can we do to protect ourselves? In this episode Pepe Moder looks for answers with Fabio Martinelli, research manager at CNR, and Gabriele Faggioli, CEO of Partners4Innovation.