Digital Tomorrow - Episode 6

The sixth episode of Digital Tomorrow deals with digital brand identity. Tone of voice, verbal identity, visual identity and brand identity are often neglected by companies. But why is it so important to define them and how can they affect the global communication of SMEs?

Mr. Pepe Moder talks about it with Mr. Gianluca Diegoli, marketing consultant and lecturer at IULM University and Mr. Roberto Leonelli, CEO of Publicis Sapient and Head of Operations of Publicis Group Italia.

The episode arises from a reflection: in the past, the attention was focused on the product, but today we must also focus on the brand, especially in digital communication, where inconsistency within the brand identity is easily noticeable. This is because people are used to consistent experiences online: for example, if a packaging is different from the rest of the visual identity, the user easily notices it and can perceive the entire brand as not consistent. Consistency and brand identity are also linked to customer care: today people are impatient, they expect a prompt and decisive response from customer service, at least within 24-48 hours.

Digital brand identity is part of an ecosystem made up of different online touchpoints, starting with the website and social media accounts. The website is at the core of this ecosystem: within it, companies must show their products, tell their story and provide customer care. Social media, on the other hand, is fundamental for reaching current and potential customers through the production of content that must be suitable for the platforms and have the ultimate goal of bringing users to the site or, for example, getting them to sign up for the newsletter.

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